About Us

The work of Weimar Institut e.V., registered association serving the public good, with head office in Weimar/Thueringen and a center in Stralsund/Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, is characterised, by the following priorities, according to its statutes:

• Revision and presentation of the relationship of Europe’s intellectual and cultural history to Islam.
• Cultural and social integration of  traditional Muslims with immigration background and refugees.
• Educational services (religion and language) for Muslims and non-Muslims
• Dialogue between Islam and other religions, promotion of dialogue between Muslims and representatives of the German majority society.
• Support of cultural and social projects for Muslims and non-muslims.

Our Work

In that sense, the regular activities and offers of the Weimar Institute could be structered as follows:

• Educational work and services, also for Muslim women and youth.
• Organisation and realisation/implementation of educational journeys.
• Organisation and realisation/implementation of public discourses and seminars.
• Participation in and co-organisation of dialogue and trialoque events, seminars and panel discussion.
• Running an office in Weimar, as a service to interested parties worldwide.
• Cooperation with schools in the field of dialogue, integration and information.
• General aid for integration.
• Religious assistance and advise for young and new Muslims.
• Cooperation with cultural and social entities in Europe and Africa.
• Establishment and operation of a center in Stralsund.
• Major translation works.
• Islam Awareness Days.
• Courses for the study of source documents.
• Lectures and seminars.
• Language classes in German for scholarship recipients and immigrants.
• Language courses in Arabic for adults, adolescents and children.
• Guided town tours and seminars in Weimar.

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